4 Secrets to Leadership Success

What is leadership? Many business owners are going to be asking themselves that question as they look at setting goals for their organization for 2016. Setting goals is one thing, but convincing your employees to adopt and complete those goals is another. One of the best ways to help your organization achieve goals for 2016 is to utilize your influence as a business owner.

Leadership has been defined many different ways by many different people. The best definition I have ever heard was this, “Leadership is the art of getting others to want to do something you are convinced should be done.” How does this definition help business owners become more effective in their leadership in regards to goal setting? Let’s break it down:

1)     “Art” – Leadership is not a science. It is an art. And by that we mean that there is not one perfect formula that we can replicate to create the perfect leader. Many factors might cause one particular successful leader to fail in a different environment: business industry, history of management, personality traits of employees, etc.

2)     “Getting others” – A successful leader in 2016 will not do everything themselves. Even if they had the time to, a business owner should be a master at delegation. To do this effectively, an owner must prioritize the tasks, communicate them properly, and staff the right personnel.

3)     “Want to do something” – There are a few types of leaders. One group is the authoritarian leader, who forces projects and tasks upon their following. Another group is the transformational leader, who inspires followers to action. This is the kind of leader a business owner should strive to be. Only by convincing your employees to want to accomplish a goal will the business achieve organizational success.

4)     “You are convinced” – A shared, inspired vision is only as good as the source it came from. If you, as a business owner, don’t believe your goals for 2016 are great goals, your employees will have no reason to want to accomplish those goals. The goals and vision for 2016 should be shared, coming from the top-down and valued by the business owner.

Setting goals for your organization is simple. Setting great goals is harder. Accomplishing those great goals is something else. An organization needs a leader to guide them organizational success, by empowering them to want to complete the goals that are important to the business.