Nathan Lee, MBA

Startup Coach, Marketing Advisor, & Entrepreneur Mentor


I am a business professional with years of diverse experience, including: finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking, sales, accounting, banking, public relations, and music performance. I have held positions of leadership and have even started my own business. I currently use a skill set of teaching, coaching, pubic speaking, and leadership in my daily life. 


Professional/Personal Credo:

I believe my first responsibility is to my family, which stems to physical and spiritual families. All the decisions I make will first be for the betterment of my family. Myself last. (Priorities)

The way I present myself will not only reflect my company, but also reflect my family and spiritual values I hold dear. (Example)

All that I do will be done to the best of my ability. All that I say will be said with sincerity and thoughtfulness. And all that I promise will be carried out with diligence and perseverance. (Work Ethic)

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“Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.”
— Anthony Volodkin